Thursday, May 14, 2009


good morning! i'm so glad it's thursday, which means one day closer to friday :)

i did get my self out that door for my run yesterday morning. i did about 3.25-3.5 miles (again, this is really where a garmin would come in handy!) and finished in about 30 minutes. i walked a few blocks back to my apartment, and did level 2 of the 30 day shred once through.

doing the 30 day shred after a run is kind of tough, i'm not gonna lie, because it includes some intense cardio in between the weights and abs, so by the time i was done i felt super exhausted! it probably also didn't help that i hadn't eaten before my run. by the time i got to my office, where i usually eat breakfast, i was starving!

i made myself a bowl of trader joe's maple brown sugar oatmeal, with 1 banana, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup skim milk, and topped it with one packet of justin's honey almond butter. yum!

seriously this was SO filling- i didn't eat lunch until about 3 because i wasn't hungry, which trust me, NEVER happens! but, since it is so filling, it might not be a bad idea to consider eating an earlier breakfast at home, instead of making breakfast at work. i feel like that will balance out my day a little more- i've been finding by the time dinner rolls around, i'm not super hungry, and i think the late breakfast thing is throwing me off. although, it is nice to have a yummy bfast to look forward to when you get to the office...

for lunch, i had a veggie burger AGAIN! this time i skipped the cheese, since i was going out for italian food later in the day, and instead i topped the burger with salsa and mustard- yum :)

i also had some strawberries on the side.

after work, it was my friend's birthday so i went out for drinks and dinner. we met first at a bar called stanton public on the lower east side. the place was really cute, albeit pretty empty at 6:30 on a wednesday evening. i decided to order a pint of magner's cider :) i've never been a huge beer drinker, but i like light beer, and i love cider! whenever they have it on tap, it's hard to pass up. SO good!

after a drink we headed over to dinner at tre, an italian restaurant on the lower east side. this place was good! we ordered wine, and a bunch of appetizers for the table. for my main dish i ordered the salmon, which had carrots and brussel sprouts on the side, and came with a spinach salad, and cheesecake for desert!

i ate the spinach salad (dressing on the side), a small plate of appetizers, about 3/4 of the salmon and veggies, and a few bites of the cheesecake. i also had a glass of red wine (not pictured).

this place was super cute, totally authentic, and the food was really good too. the space was a little small, but even still they were able to accomodate our large group. it was a great atmosphere and a nice, relaxing meal. i definitely want to come back again- maybe on a monday, when they have a great special of unlimited spaghetti and sangria- yum!

also- it's really close to the AWESOME cupcake shop, sugar sweet sunshine- maybe a little too close for comfort. luckily i was so full i didn't stray towards the cupcakes last night- although i have been known to do that :)

some of these pictures may not be so great- i'm still working on my photo-journalism skills and may also need to start using a different camera, but you get the idea. i also apologize for the extremely ugly/boring plates i have! i think i need to get a cute dish or two- working on that one...

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  1. yay it's my birthday dinner :-) i'm so glad you could make it and had fun... and enjoyed the food!

    btw, this blog is so cute!