Tuesday, May 12, 2009

interval day

i actually got my butt out of bed this morning! :) it's off to the gym to do intervals before work- then a busy morning/afternoon at work. at least it's tuesday, which is SO much better than Monday!

i've gotten into the habit of making myself a small cup of coffee before heading to the gym when i go in the a.m. not sure if this is the best habit, but it's a good kick start, and it definitely helps. i usually don't even drink the whole cup, but even just the act of making the coffee helps me wake up somehow.

today my coffee has one stevia, and a splash of vanilla almond breeze. i was a big sweet n low girl, and then switched to splenda when it came out. now i'm trying to ween myself off of them since i'm sure all of those chemicals can't be good!

i bought stevia, which at the time wasn't fda approved- but it's mroe natural than the other sweetners, and honestly i'm not sure i believe the fda. they're probably in cahoots with the companies that make the artificial sweetners, and stevia would be bad for those cos. but, that's just my opinion ;)

anyway, i also bought some agave syrup, which i have yet to try, but is probably even better/more natural than stevia.

i better go finish this coffee now, and off to the gym!

how do you drink your coffee???


  1. Welcome to the world! We started our blogs at about the same time. Yes, I'm doing the Brooklyn half and am growing more and more nervous. I've been having good and bad running days and can't seem to train my body to run faster than a 10 min mile whether it is a 4 mile run (this weekend) or a half marathon! :( Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

  2. agave syrup is really good...i use it in my tea!