Friday, May 15, 2009

biggest loser yoga

yay for friday!

i had been planning on doing a spin class today, but after yesterday's run i felt really sore/tight. since i'm doing a 10K tomorrow morning plus an additional 5 miles, i figured i should give myself a little break. so i decided to wake up early and do some yoga instead!

as i've mentioned before, i am NOT a yoga person, and i previously HATED yoga- HATED, not disliked, HATED. but, i have to say, i'm really starting to get into it... i think i just had a bad experience with the first yoga class i took, and it was kind of a turn off for me. i guess that's what you get for taking yoga at NYSC, which isn't the greatest gym in the world to begin with.

this morning, i decided to look for a yoga class on exercise tv on demand, and i settled on biggest loser yoga. it was a 26 minute long class (that included probably 2 minutes worth of advertisements for alleve), and i did it twice through.

it wasn't necessarily that hard, in terms of being really strenuous, although a few of the poses were pretty challenging. because it wasn't that strenuous, and there wasn't a large variety of poses, it really gave me a chance to focus on learning the poses. since i'm still a yoga newbie, i thought that was good, and i didn't feel overwhelemed at all. i was also happy i could actually do most of the poses! ( i am extremely un-flexible).

by the second time around, i felt a lot more stretched out, and found it was easier to do some of the poses without having to bend my legs so much. afterwards, i felt super loose and relaxed. it was a great stretch, and i'm not sore anymore!

here are the poses i learned in today's workout:
  • downward dog
  • crescent
  • upward dog
  • warrior 1
  • warrior 2
  • chair pose

i'm excited that i'm learning more about yoga, and that i'm liking it! i think once i really start running a lot more once marathon training is in full swing, it could be good to replace one day of weight training with yoga.

i think the more advanced you get, the more strength-building yoga can be, since you're using your own body instead of the aid of weights to build muscle.

alright, no pics of this morning's breakfast but it was:

  • one individual container non-fat chobani vanilla yogurt
  • 1 sliced banana
  • 1 iced coffee with 2 splashes chocolate soy milk and one stevia

happy friday!


  1. i really like your blog! very informative for up-and-coming runners like me :o) on-demand workouts i did not know about...but i like.

  2. aww, you're not up and coming you're fab! yes, the on demand workouts are great! they also have the 30 day shred on there- guess i didn't need to buy the dvd!