Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Run for Central Park - 4 mile

hello! yes, i know, it's been a while. did you miss me?

i've been working on some updates to the blog, and i'm hoping to launch a new version of the site in the next few weeks. i'm really excited about it, and can't wait to share it. hence, i've been a little mia recently...

anyway, this saturday i ran the run for central park 4 mile race with team for kids! it was kind of fun to do the race with my team members. we met before hand to warm up and stretch, and then headed over to the corals together (although i had to make a beeline for the port-a-potties!). even though i've done lots of shorter races before, it was nice to have the support of the team- i can see how that will be really great for the upcoming half marathon, and definitely for the marathon.

it was a pretty hot morning, and VERY humid out, which i didn't notice so much until the race actually started. the 4 mile course was in central park, and started out on the east side of the park on an uphill, which was gradual but certainly noticeable! i started out pretty strong, but i think it was too fast. after about 2 minutes the heat hit me, and it was NOT fun!

i stuck with it, and the first two miles of the race i completed in just under 7:30 pace. after that i hit a wall and i was struggling - my pace slowed a lot! i think a lot of it was the heat. i grabbed a water cup at the second water station and kept running- i did what coach frank told us to do before the race- pinch the cup and aim for my mouth!

i kept at it, as we crossed over the 106th street transverse onto the west side of the park and into the hills! around mile 3 i saw coach glen on the sidelines. he ran the race too! he's FAST, and he finished the race and came back out to cheer and coach the rest of us! at that point i felt i was really struggling, so it was really nice to see him. he told me to just use my arms to work through the hills, which were almost over, and after that it would be downhill all the way.

at the third water station, i got a cup of water but this time i stopped to walk for a few seconds, and then started up again. i think it helped get me through the last leg of the race, although i really hated that i had to stop.

those hills seemed to go on for quite some time, but finally, FINALLY, i saw the turn onto the 72nd street transverse ahead! the finish line was so close! i sped up as much as i could in the end, and finally crossed the finish line!

my stats for the race were:

Overall Time: 31:31
Average Pace: 7:52

i slowed down kind of a lot in the middle there somewhere. at one point i looked down and my garmin said my pace was 8:15. i was hoping to keep it at 8 or under the whole race, and i actually was hoping to finish closer to 30 minutes.

but, all in all i was still pretty happy with my time! had it not been for the heat, i might have been able to go faster. still this was a pr for me for a 4 mile race :)

we got an update on the race from coach frank, and it turns out that i was the third team for kids female to finish, which i was pretty excited about! my friend and running buddy was the second and she finished the race in 30:15! go lindsey- you rock!

this week we have a long training run in queens- an 11 miler, and the following week we're doing our longest run yet- 14 miles- as part of the NYRR Long Training Run #2. it's nice because leading up to the marathon, new york road runners offers organized long training runs in hte park. they provide water along the course, and it gets you used to running in a group.

14 miles will be the longest i've ever run before!

finally, i want to let you all know about the fundraising happy hour lindsey and i are throwing to raise money for team for kids!

What: Steph and Lindsey's Awesome Happy Hour
When: Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
Where: Madhatter Saloon - 3rd Avenue between 26th and 27th Streets
Why: Help us fight childhood obesity and run the NYC Marathon!

The cost is $15 to attend. All participants will receive a wristband for discounted drinks all night, and a cupon for Miz Mooz shoes!

Join us for a raffle with fabulous prizes, like French Connection clothing, Dragon Bleu Vodka (the coolest new vodka!), gift certificates to Miz Mooz shoes and the Running Company, and a gift pack from Lululemon.

100% of proceeds will go to Team for Kids!

hope to see you there! if you have any thing you'd like to contribut to the raffle, let me know- we're still in search of a few more great prizes!

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  1. running through central park!? that must have been so nice!