Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summa time

hello! i hope everyone enjoyed a nice, long, memorial day weekend. i know i did :) for us adults (ok, i guess in this case i fall into the adult category), memorial day weekend is like the equivalent of summer vacay. oh, except you have to go back to work after 3 days :( bummer...

here's a re-cap of my weekend:
  • i was lucky enough to have the day off! after a 12 mile run (last 12 long training run before next week's half!) i embarked on a huge cleaning and organization spree (spring cleaning about a month too late!) this girl's got one busy life to organize, and this was a good jump start to the weekend

  • lunch at Sunburst Cafe - delicious greek salad with iced coffee

  • a yummy dinner at VAMOS! a mexican restaurant, with friends followed by drinks at the Subnurnt Cow for a birthday celebration. dinner was veggie tacos with rice and beans, and a margarita! drinks were 2, ok, maybe 3, vodka sodas


  • dinner and wine at i Coppi, a cute Italian gem in the East Village


  • errands- finally got a fan for the apartment!

  • Dinner at Zabb City - cute little thai place in the village (dinner was shrimp sauteed with garlic sauce, and jasmin rice) - SO good! followed by Angels and Demons, and a beer with friends


  • brunch at Banc Cafe (love this place!). i had the chicken and wild mushroom quesadilla- i pretty much get it every time!

  • spent some time hanging out with friends, then headed home to prepare for the (short) week!

  • made a recipe from Heidi Swanson, that I found on Jenna's blog for lunches this week, and dinner (chicken salad melt with peanut ginger noodles from tj's)

  • went to 16 handles for more frozen yogurt- i'm addicted to this place, and somehow always end up adding too much yogurt to my cup, even though i swear next time i won't... i got the ny cheesecake/peanut butter with almonds and carob chips

all in all a lovely weekend. WAY too much indulgence, but i'm very excited to get back to some healthy eating this week in preparation for my half marathon on saturday!

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