Wednesday, May 20, 2009

take me out to the ball game

hello! sorry for no posting yesterday. at the last minute, the fiance was able to get tix to the yankee game! i rushed out of work to come home and change, and didn't get home until late, but it was well worth it :)

the new stadium is beautiful and open, and a total homage to the yankees with photos everywhere.

i really love going to yankee games, and i have great memories of going as a kid with my dad and my grandpa. it was always fun and special, and i still feel that way when i go to games now.

one of my favorite things about the games when i was younger was all of the great "baseball food" at yankee stadium! i mean i do like baseball, but as a 7 year-old, it's pretty tough to sit through an entire game. so i always looked forward to all of the fun treats. without fail my dad always got peanuts, i always got ice cream, and somewhere in between was a hot dog (even though i never liked hot dogs i always got them for some reason), a soft pretzel or cracker jacks.

at the new stadium, there's even more food, and a lot of different choices! i was honestly expecting there to be even more variety with the way people were talking, but it was still prettu overwhelming.

i did think they would have a few more healthy options. we walked around two levels of the stadium fully to scope everything out. the first level had the most variety, and i guess the most healthy choices (although those weren't so spectacular) - that's where the tix cost the most, so not surprising!

i settled on the boar's head vendor for a sandwich, which i thought was one of the best bets- but was surprised to see the turkey sandwich i wanted was over 800 calories! (they put the calories next to every menu item at all of the stands- which is kind of nice, but also kind of stinks!). i chose the roast beef with provolone instead, which was about 100 calories less.

it came with chips- and i was so hungry that i opened the bag on the way back to my seat to eat a few. when i got back to my seat and started eating my sandwich, i was really disappointed to find that the roast beef was really fatty- yuck! i had planned to eat only half the sandwich, but instead i pretty much took out all of the meat except for a tiny bit, and ate the whole sandwich, which was mostly provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato. i also added a little mayo (which i love, but try not really eat much of- i figured a ball game was an appropriate place for it!).

i also had a piece of the fiance's soft pretzel. no pics of the food- it was too hard to balance everything on my lap!

anyway, the game was great- the yankees won! and i'm really glad i got to go, even if dinner was a bust.

alright, off to bed soon- more on today's eats tomorrow!

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