Monday, June 8, 2009

mango banana-y goodness

on saturday i had a busy day planned after my team for kids run, which included wedding stuff, and also the most delicious smoothie i have ever had/made in my ENTIRE life. seriously, i cannot tell you how good this smoothie was, and it makes me sad to think i've been missing out on this deliciousness for so many years.

after team for kids i came home and made a super quick lunch, which consisted of a veggie burger on 1 slice of whole wheat toast, with 1 piece of laughing cow light cheese, lettuce, ketchup and mustard. i also had some yummy fresh strawberries on the side, which i bought on my way home from my run.

then i quickly got ready and headed out the door to go look for bridesmaid dresses! i went to two stores, and tried about a bazillion dresses :) luckily i had an idea of what i was looking for, and it only took about two hours.

i ended up finding a great dress that is simple, elegant, and i think will look flattering on all of my bridesmaids. no, they likely won't be able to wear it again (afterall it is still a bridesmaid dress) but it's not completely hideous and tacky!

i brought along a kind cranbury almond bar to snack on during my shopping trip, which i enjoyed with a small iced coffee from starbucks in between stores.

in my iced coffee, i put only a very small amount of skim milk, and no sweetner. i stopped using splenda and artificial sweetner in my drinks, and i have to say it's going really well! it was much easier than i thought to ween myself, and i've gotten used to drinking my coffee and tea without as much sweetner.

i initially transitioned by substituting stevia, a new, (supposedly) natural sweetner. i'd like to try to use that sparingly, and so i also bought honey and agave syrup to keep at work for my morning coffee and tea :)

so far, so good!

after bridesmaid dress shopping i came home, and since it was going to be a while before i ate dinner, i wanted to have another snack. i was thinking about yogurt, but decided instead to use the yogurt to make a smoothie- best idea EVER!

we usually have a ton of frozen fruit, but we only had frozen mango left. so i made a smoothie with:
  • two handfuls frozen mango
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 individual container trader joe's organic 0% vanilla greek yogurt
  • some water, for blending

the result: heaven on earth! it was the most amazing, creamy smoothy i've ever tasted. it was like a mango cremsicle, but better. it was very thick and creamy. the mango and vanilla yogurt blended together to create the perfect amount of sweetness, and there was a subtle hint of banana, just the right amount.

(this picture does not do it justice. had i known how good this would be, i would have spent more time working to portray its true deliciousness.)

of course, i made it using my magic bullet, which you should go buy right now if you don't already have one.

i bought lots of yogurt and more frozen fruit yesterday, and i hope to re-create this amazingness again soon :)

later, we went to a friends' apartment for dinner i had 1.5 slices of pizza (blotted with a napkin) and lots of salad. i also enjoyed way to much of the delicious snacks, which included dried fruit, baked jalapeno cheeze doodles from trader joes, cookies, and an assorted variet of chips. i definitely tried everything ;)

the fiance and my friends went out afterwards, but i headed home and called it a night so i could rest up for my 10k on sunday!

i was a little sad to have to head home :( ahh, the sacrafices a runner has to make...
it was certainly well worth it though, since sunday's 10k was my best race yet!

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