Sunday, May 10, 2009

food re-cap: weekend eats

hello! it's been a busy but productive weekend, that of course, included running and, lots of yummy food! here's a re-cap of this weekend's eats, and i'll be posting about today's race later on.

the weekend kicked off with a bang on friday :) i've been craving thai for weeks and weeks, and FINALLY, on friday night the fiancee and i went to my new favorite thai place that recently opened near my old apartment. it's called talent thai kitchen, and it's phenomenal. everything there is delicious, and it was definitely hard to choose!

we started off with the summer roll appetizer- i do love spring rolls, but these are a lighter, more refreshing version of those filled with yummy veggies, and a sweet dipping sauce on the side.

for my main dish, i ordered the chicken with garlic sauce, which came with chicken, mushrooms, scallion, onion, peppers and bok choy. this restaurant also has brown rice, so i asked for that instead of the jasmine rice.

we also shared a thai iced tea

i ate 3 of the summer rolls, and about half of my chicken and half the brown rice, and had half the thai iced tea. everything was delicious, and it definitely satisfied my thai craving.

saturday was a pretty low key day, and i did lots of cleaning, laundry and errands :( not super exciting, but that doesn't mean my eats were boring too!

i pretty much skipped "breakfast" since it was about 1 when i realized i hadn't eaten anything yet. i had a really delicious meal, that was inspired by jenna. seriously, this was amazing, and i was full for about 5 hours. it was: 2 kashi waffles, toasted and topped with about 2/3 of an individual container of trader joe's 0% plain greek yogurt, almond butter, 1/2 sliced banana, and some reduced sugar strawberry preserves. yum! i've always loved waffles with peanut butter, but this took it to another level, and was really filling. i may have added a little too much yogurt, but i'll remember that for next time :)

at about 6 i got really hungry, and had a snack to tide me over until dinner.

1 lundberg brown rice cake with a smear of trader joe's mediterranean hummus, and 1 slice soy cheese.

after my snack we headed over to trader joe's to go grocery shopping and get something to make for dinner.

dinner ended up being 2 kinds of ravioli - lobster and protobello mushroom- with a tomato basil sauce, and an olive oil, garlic and basil sauce. we made a huge salad, and also had some multi-grain bread on the side. everything tasted really fresh. nothing like a (semi) home-cooked meal!

for desert, i had heaven on a plate, also known as trader joe's frozen mini mint ice cream mouthfuls. they're like frozen mint oreos - enough said. unfortunately they're not pictured, probably because i ate them too fast! seriously these things are amazing- a serving of 2 is about 140 calories and 6 g. of fat. i had 2, and went back for a third :)

after dinner, we watched michael clayton. i prepared my race stuff while watching, and i hit the hay early so i would be well rested for today's run, which i'll re-cap tomorrow.

for now, i'm exhausted- have a great night!

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