Thursday, May 7, 2009

some eats

eats from last night:
baked tofu, sauteed spinach and mushrooms, and brown rice.

i bought tofu this week, which i haven't bought in ages. i have to say i'm not a huge meat eater, i like chicken and fish, but that gets boring, and sometimes fish is expensive- especially salmon, which is my fav. i found a recipe for tofu from Caitlin (she is fantastic- check out her blog)! i improvised a little and added crushed cashews instead of sesame seeds because i didn't have any.

i have to say, this was my first experience with tofu in a long time, and it came out pretty good, if i do say so myself! i may have overcooked it a bit, but it had a ton of flavor, and i liked that it was a little crispy and not soggy or watery. next time i might add some more of the honey flavor, and less of the spices, because i liked the sweetness of it, and thought it was maybe a little too subtle. the nuts added a nice crunch!

some general feelings on food and eating:
it's no secret - i love, love, love, LOVE food! most of my friends know this, and most of my friends love food too (they say you tend to be friends with people like you!) i have had some friends tell me that they don't like food, and they pretty much eat because they have to. i think that's CRAZY! food is something we need, and true you have to eat to live, but i'm more of a 'live to eat' type of girl!

i do try to eat pretty healthfully in general, and know i feel best when i have lots of fruits, veggies, and fresh food in my diet (not as much processed food). i find that when i am running and working out a lot, there is a tremendous difference in my performance when i keep myself fueled properly with healthy, fresh foods, as opposed to foods that are too processed or fatty (by fatty i don't necessarily mean fattening- there's good fat and bad fat, but more along the lines of greasy, fast food takeout). i have much more energy, feel less tired, and my workouts are better.
that being said, there definitely has to be a balance. i have a killer sweet tooth and i love pasta and bread. i know i can't eat ice cream and pasta every day, but if i couldn't eat them at all i'd be a pretty miserable person. it's nice to reward yourself with treats, and for me, keeping those things in my diet helps my diet more well rounded.

i might even have some desert tonight!

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  1. aww you are really sweet. im glad you liked the tofu. there is seriously nothing better than honey or maple syrup on tofu :)