Wednesday, June 10, 2009

speed demon! nyrr women's mini 10k re-cap

happy wednesday! i can't believe it's already wednesday, but i am so, SO glad it is :)

on sunday, i ran the nyrr women's mini 10k in central park. it was a great race, the best i've run all season, and maybe EVER! i got a PR, and i broke the 8 minute mile pace mark!!!

here are my stats from the race:

Time: 48:42
Pace Per Mile: 7:51
Overall Place: 349
Age Place: 97

i am so happy with my time, and i really had no idea i could even go that fast. i think it helped that i had a specific goal in mind, and that i was mentally prepared to meet that goal. i was shooting for 8 minute miles, and somehow i went even faster.

this is a great race, although the course is a bit tough.

miles 1-2: the first mile and change are done outside of the park on central park west, which is closed to traffic. it's a flat road, so it's pretty easy to take off fast. i did my first 2 miles at around a 7:30 pace give or take. once we entered into the park, we started to approach the hills. i felt great through mile 2 :) i was flying on the first downhill! i grabbed water at the second water station but continued running with it.

miles 3-4: i started to get a bit tired around mile 3, but i blew past those hills! they wore me out! i noticed my pace slowing a bit, but i told myself to keep pushing it. i wondered if i had maybe gone out too fast. although i slowed, i didn't let myself slow too much and i kept a fast past. i got water at the third water station- but this time i stopped and walked fast while drinking.

miles 5-6.2: this was the toughest stretch of the race! i was so tired, but i kept pushing. i told myself i had to reach my goal, and that i would feel so happy when i finished and i did it. i told myself how disappointed i would be if i gave up. i was happy once we made it down to 59th street and rounded the south side of the park. i was even happier when we saw the sign that said 800 meters left! at that point i picked up my speed a little. we were almost there! then we saw the sign for 400 meters left- it felt like forever between those two signs- i couldn't believe i'd only gone 400 meters :( the woman in front of me shouted out "No!" when we saw there was still 400 meters left. i totally felt the same way! i pushed on, the last home stretch was killer, but finally i made it to the finish line!!

afterwards i was so happy to see my time, and proud of myself that i didn't give up! at the finish, evetyone received a flower and a medal, and i enjoyed a plum and some water and gatorade.

all in all it was a great race! i realized how fast i could go, and i hope to continue to improve my speed throughout the summer through my speed workouts at my nyrr running class.


  1. wow! congrats on your PR- that's a great pace! :D

    enjoy your day x

  2. you're amazing. I get overly enthusiastic if I can run 3 miles without stopping. But I still dream of running a marathon one day. Only 5 more months till the big day!