Thursday, May 14, 2009

pizza pizza

today at work we had a pizza party! i feel like that sounds so second grade, but regardless of my current age, a pizza party is still a pizza party, and still exciting to me.

i knew we were having the party, so i planned ahead and i brought a side salad with me to eat with my pizza.

the salad consisted of:

  • mixed greens

  • grape tomatos

  • walnuts

  • dried cranberries

  • paul newman's lighten up! italian dressing con limone (aka the best salad dressing on the planet)

with the salad i had a yummy slice of veggie pizza, which had broccoli, spinach, and a little bit of cheese. i topped it with some garlic and oregano.

my stomach is very happy now. VERY. HAPPY.

on the schedule for later today is a 5 mile run and maybe some weights/sit-ups, depending on how i feel. since it's pretty yuck out, i'll do my run on the treadmill (ugh, which reminds me i forgot to bring my ipod with me AGAIN!!!!), so i probably won't do the 30 day shred, because i doubt i'll feel like doing it by the time i get home.

don't you hate it when you forget your ipod??!! or am i the only one who forgets mine? it makes the workout way more boring, especially if you're just doing a straight run, and not intervals or something. :( oh well, i will push through. hopefully there will be entertaining people at the gym today to keep me preoccupied.

have a nice thursday! and also, don't forget to check out Danica's snack pack give-away!

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  1. Wow - that is an amazing looking veggie pizza. I LOVE Pizza parties - way to bring your salad too!

    Thanks for the contest shoutout.