Friday, June 12, 2009

spin and sushi friday

my foot has been bothering me all week, probably the result of lots of running in the past few weeks :( going from the half marathon, right into marathon training and the 10k race was a lot.

since sunday's race i've been trying to take it easy - i did a total body conditioning class for some strength training monday, a speed workout tuesday and took wednesday AND thursday off!

today i did some cross training and took a spin class- it was great. i love doing spin because it gets my heart rate up a lot and helps keep up my endurance, but it's less stress on my foot.

i'm enrolled in a nyrr running class right now, and that combined with my team for kids runs makes for a lot of running! but i love love LOVE the nyrr class. i can't say enough great things about it. they're totally killer speed work sessions, but the class helped me improve my performance and increase my speed SO much.

so, because of running class i haven't gone to all of my team for kids runs this week, which is ok. it's still early, and i already have a base that i'm working with.

tomorrow i have a team for kids (tfk) run- we're doing about 5.5 miles. one (of the many) great thing about tfk is that they promote running on soft surfaces, like the bridle path in central park, rather than on pavement. they say this will help the longevity of your running career by putting less stress on your body. i totally agree, and need to pay more attention to this when i run. i'm hoping it will help my foot, too :)

at tfk tomorrow i plan on talking to the coaches about what i can do to prevent my injury from getting worse, and how i may be able to alter the marathon training plan a little bit to incoporate some more cross training and a little less running. i've been reading so many different marathon training plans, i think i'm getting myself confused!


anyway, enough about running. tonight i'm having sushi for dinner and i can't wait! i heart sushi friday :) i may break a cleaner life month rule though and get the sushi with white rice- we'll see.

this morning i was good- i didn't get tofu cream cheese, or regular cheese on my bagel! instead, i got a whole wheat bagel with egg and tomato- filling and delicious- yum!

lunch was the other half of my salad from yesterday- yummm. i think i'm addicted to the sherry shallot vinagarette dressing from just salad...

happy (almost) weekend!


  1. Good move taking it easy - it's better to miss a few days now than in the middle of training for NYC!

  2. I second Amy's comment- take care and definitely get some advice about your foot! Do you do most of your running outdoors?

    hope you enjoyed sushi night!