Wednesday, June 24, 2009

interval madness

last tuesday was another crazy killer workout with my nyrr running class.

we did:

  • 2 x 2.4 miles @ 10k pace
  • .5 miles out and back to the location
    • that makes for a total of about 6 miles! 5 of which were crazy! it was kind of like doing 2 races back to back.

      this workout was pretty tough for me. it was hard, but it was good!


      • 1 slice trader joe's organic spelt bread
      • 1 morningstar farm tomato basil pizza veggie burger
      • sliced tomato
      • 1 slice yogurt cheese
      • some pizza sauce
      • strawberries on the side

      this pizza burger was delicious!


      • 1 kiwi

      • 1 cliff bar, eaten in 2 parts, before running class

      the cliff bar was a yummy peanut toffee flavor. it was good- i had it in the fridge all day so it was a little hard at first, and very sweet. i realized it had about 20g sugar- which is ridiculous, almost like a candy bar! still, it was filling and satisfying. maybe next time i'll check the ingredients and sugar content more closely though!


      • brown rice
      • kidney beans
      • broccoli & cauliflower
      • salsa
      • shredded cheese
      • veggie flax tortilla chips

      same delicious dinner as last night- i couldn't get enough, and i was craving it all the way home from class!

      no desert, i was pooped and after dinner i showered, iced, and tried out my new cool toy- "the stick." this thing was pretty awesome! it's kind of like a foam roller, but more of a massager really. it's a stick with rolling spindles that you use to massage your muscles. you can control the intensity based on how hard you press down.

      i thought it really helped! honestly since i've used it (and maybe because i've been stretching more) i've really felt a lot better in terms of the muscle tightness i was experiencing. i've also been icing more, and my foot has been feeling better as well! this makes me happy :)

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