Friday, June 5, 2009

rainy friday

good morning! i'm so happy it's friday that i don't event care about the rain outside my window. i'll take what i can get here - friday trumps rain.

yesterday i made a delicious afternoon yogurt bowl- this was a really great afternoon snack, especially for summer, because it's filling and refreshing at the same time.

it contained:
  • 1 cup trader joe's 0% organic greek vanilla yogurt
  • strawberries
  • handful of walnuts

the walnuts add crunch and really make the whole snack! i do really like the tj's greek yogurt. i know that the plain has less sugar, but sometimes i just like the sweetness of the vanilla. i tend to switch back and forth between plain and vanilla, or just buy whichever they have because they don't always have both!

i enjoyed a nice spin class after work. it was a nice change from all of my running and my usual weekly workout routine! after the class, i also did a mini-weights session, which included:

  • 30 bicep curls
  • 30 tricep curls
  • 20 shoulder presses
  • 30 side arm raises
  • 20 upper body rows
  • 20 dead lifts
  • 30 pushups
  • combination of situps, including bicycles :)
i also am in the process of switching my workout schedule back from mornings to evenings. i started working out in the mornings a few months ago, and loved having the extra time at night. however, my running class and team for kids runs during the week are all in the evenings, so it makes sense for me to do all my workouts after work.

in a way, it's kind of nice, because it gives me more time in the morning!

when do you workout?

dinner was a little bit of a downer last night. it sadly was not successful. i bought a package of tempehtations, which are pre-made tempeh cubes with marinade. the ones i purchased were ginger teriyaki flavor, and i was really excited to try them.

i sauteed them in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and some broccoli, and served them over rice, with some leftover sweet potato, too.

i tried them, but i just couldn't do it- i had to stop eating them! they had a weird after taste to them, and i couldn't tell if that's what they were supposed to taste like (i've never had tempeh before) or if they had gone bad!

either way, i didn't like it, so i took them off my plate and ate the sweet potatos and broccoli. i also had some leftover black beans that i heated up on the side for some protein which i added to the rice.

i'm glad i tried the tempeh, but sad it didn't work out because i really wanted to like it! oh well, that's not to say i won't evet try it again!

for desert, i had one of my mini soy ice cream sandwiches with "the bees knees" peanut butter. it was my last one, which makes me both happy and sad at the same time!

i'm glad i got a little strength training in yesterday, because i'm taking today as a rest day. tomorrow marathon training begins, and sunday i'm running the women's mini 10k in central park! is anyone else running that?

alright, better grab my umbrella and it's off to work!

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  1. just found your blog via eatfabinnyc so thought I'd come say 'hi'! I used to live in NY and miss it a lot (planning to move back) so love reading New Yorker's blogs!

    I've heard some not great reviews about the tempehtaions...the BBQ one seems more popular!

    Enjoy your weekend- can't wait to read more of your posts!