Monday, June 15, 2009

olives and deep water running

i had a great run on saturday with team for kids! we did a 5.5 mile run (about- probably closer to 6 miles with the warm up). i went with the experienced group again, and our average pace was around 8:45 minute miles. although i have to say we did vary the pace quite a bit, jumping around from over 9 minutes, to under 8 minutes.

we finished the run with a strong sprint, which was tough but felt great. all in all a great run. it wasn't hot, but i could definitely feel the humidity towards the end.

then, we did our cool down and stretching, which included some yoga courtesy of one of our members who is a yoga instructor :)

i did get to ask the coach about my foot, and he has a podiatrist he recommended i see. he told me if orthodics would help correct my gait and reduce my pain, then they would be good as long as they're the soft kind. additionally, he said that it's ok if i incorporate more cross training into my workouts, and that if anything that would be a benefit to me.

he also recommended that i look into the deep water running class that nyrr offers, because it's non-impact but still a great "running" workout. i looked into it and the next class i would sign up for starts on july 27th, which is still a month away. that's ok though because in the meantime i still have the nyrr running class on tuesdays.

in the meantime i will try and run 2 days a week with team for kids and do the nyrr class one day, and cross train the rest of the time. i'll keep an eye on how my foot is feeling though, and alter my training accordingly.

unfortunately the 5.5 mile run was the extent of my exercise for the weekend. but maybe it's better that i rested on sunday anyway, since tonight i have another team for kids run after work.

afterward saturday's run i headed over to see my friend's new apartment, and then we went to ess a bagel. i was especially delighted to find that at this location they had tofu olive cream cheese!! i LOVE olives, but they never have tofu olive cc anywhere, so this made my day. i ordered that on a whole wheat bagel, and it was maybe the best thing i've ever eaten. well, i was STARVING by the time we ate, but it certainly rivals my discovery of sabra greek olive hummus, at the least.

anyway, obviously i had tofu, which is not a part of the cleaner life month challenge, but that's ok. i did say at the outset there were certain things i wasn't and didn't want to give up and i am fine with that. i've still been reducing my consumption of the items on the no-no list, and in some cases eliminating them, and i am still very happy with my progress so far.

i'll do another update on the cleaner life month later this week!

sorry there are no pictures of the bagel and olive cc in all its glory , but i didn't bring my camera with me to team for kids, so i couldn't take any pics.

happy monday :)

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  1. Hi! Stumbled onto your blog and just had to give a shoutout to deep-water running (or, as the old ladies like to call it, aquajogging). I've been doing it on and off for several years as cross training, and it's really a fantastic workout. I've seen the NYRR classes and have always wanted to try and get new ideas for intervals and such.