Thursday, April 30, 2009

yogi bear

since my race on sunday, i've pretty much been taking it easy in terms of workouts. i took off on monday and tuesday. on wednesday, my day for strength training, i decided to try and do some yoga.

i am NOT a huge fan of yoga- although prior to yesterday, i've only tried it once. and that was horrible. i hated the class i took because it was really long, i didn't know any of the poses and i felt like i really wasn't getting a workout.

i decided to give it a whirl again because i want to take it easy this week, and i still felt very stiff and sore from sunday. this time, i went to modell's and bought a yoga mat, which came with a Savasa yoga dvd, which i tried at home. the result: i think i'm in love!

the dvd was short, only 15 minutes, and focused on only 3 main poses: downward dog, tree, and warrior. i felt like i could catch on easily to those poses, and didn't feel overwhelmed. since it was so short, i decided to do the dvd twice, for a 30 minute workout.

afterwards, i honestly felt really stretched out, and i wasn't sore anymore! i'm not saying i'm a total convert, but i would definitely try it again, especially to stretch out after a race. maybe one day i'll even try another class- one day...

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