Saturday, April 25, 2009

happy weekend :)

today is saturday, and it's supposed to hit 80 today and be sunny all day! glorious.

i am doing a bit of cleaning, and preparing my race stuff for tomorrow's MORE half marathon.

i always set out my clothes and things the night before a race, but today i'm doing it extra early since i'll be out and about all day. sometimes if i have to wake up super early for a race, i'll even pin my race number on my shirt the night before, and put the chip on my shoe the night before too. i don't have my race number or chip yet, so i'll do that later.

it will be a scorcher tomorrow, so i'm trying to wear very light weight clothing, and of course, i can't forget my hat.

i also always wear my sports watch ($10 from target), and my special asics socks for races. if it's really hot and sunny, i'll wear a hat or visor. of course, i always have my ipod shuffle (it's purple- my fav color!), and for long races i bring my gu, and cliff shot blocks.

for my last half marathon, i had 3 cliff shot blocks around mile 6, 3 around mile 9, and my gu around mile 11. i find that the gu is honestly a tad, well, gross. the triple berry flavor is the one i can stomach most. but even though it's not the best-tasting, i have to say it really does get me through the end of the race. and, having the gummies and gu to look forward to at various points throughout the race really helps keep me going.

i usually end up pinning my shot blocks to my shorts in a plastic baggie, and keeping the gu in the little pocket of my running shorts.

what's your routine to prep for a race?? which gear are must wear for your races??

p.s. - i apologize for the not-so-great photo. i'm still figuring out the best way to use this site and to post photos.

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