Thursday, April 30, 2009

speed racer

here's my schedule of upcoming races for spring:

5/10 - R Baby 4 miler (+ 6 miles = 10 mile long run)
5/16 - Healthy Kidney 10k (+5 miles = 11 mile long run)
5/19 - Wall Street 5k
5/30 - Brooklyn Half Marathon
6/7 - Women's Mini 10k

i also start nyrr's spring running class on 5/26, and marathon training officially begins on 6/6!

1 comment:

  1. Steph, you are booked solid starting this weekend. Love the enthusiasm to get out there and race. I also noticed you're running the Healthy Kidney 10k, I've been posting alot on it lately, especially about the hills! I have a love/hate relationship with central park running. Anyway, you can find all my thoughts on the Healthy Kidney 10k here: .

    Looking forward to reading your race wrap ups!