Thursday, April 23, 2009

foot loose

unfortunately, a little over a month ago, i hurt my foot. i went to my dr. and then to a podiatrist who diagnosed me with tendinitis (probably an injury resulting from overuse) and told me to take some time off.

so, i stopped running for a whole month, which was tough. actually, it was REALLY HARD!

this happened in march, just as i was really revving up my training and right before i was about to start doing some races. i definitely took it pretty easy this winter, mostly doing a few short runs a week on the treadmill, and some other easy classes at the gym, and working out about 4 times a week, sometimes 5. i was excited to get back in the game with more running and some more intense workouts, so this was a disappointing set back.

i had to skip a 15k i had planned for march, but after taking a month off, my foot felt much better! i started running again a few weeks ago, and now i'm training for a half marathon on may 30th.

i was going to skip the half marathon i had signed up for, which is this weekend, but decided to try and run it as a long training run.

i ran a long run of 8 miles last weekend, and was planning on doing 10 this weekend. i figured why not just do my long run as the race? if i have to stop and walk, i will, and i'm planning on going reeeallly slow.

luckily, this half marathon allows walkers, and you have 6.5 hours to finish, so i think i'll be ok, even if i have to walk a few miles. plus, it will count as one of the 9 new york road runners races i need to get guaranteed entry in the new york city marathon in 2010!

on the downside, my foot is starting to bother me a tad since i've been running more in the past few weeks AND it's supposed to be really hot- 88 degrees! on the upside, it will be warm and sunny this weekend :)

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