Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so, as i mentioned in an earlier post, i hurt my foot in march and i had to take some time off from running. i'm back in the game (yay!) but i do still have tendinits :(

on the downside, this is something that i will probably have to deal with on a regular basis throughout my running 'career.' on the upside, the pain is no longer bad, and there are lots of things i can do to minimize discomfort- including resting my foot, adding more cross training, not walking as much (which let me tell you, is no easy feet- pun intended- living in nyc!).

but, as i realized this weekend when the temps soared and i put on my havianas, the best thing i can do for my foot is to get more supportive shoes. after walking around in those stupid flip flops all day on saturday- my foot was killing me! but after scouring my closet, i realized i have a huge dilema- all of my shoes, especially for summer, are total crap! all of my sandals have NO support whatsoever, are totally flat, and probably damaging my feet beyond belief. besides my running shoes and my cross trainers, ALL of my shoes, every single pair, are terrible.

so, yesterday i set out on a mission to overhaul my shoe wardrobe, and went on a search for non-geriatric looking, comfortable/supportive, and hopefully even somewhat cute shoes and sandals.

i'm not that old, so the thought of purchasing a pair of easy spirits, or even naturalizers, makes my stomach turn a bit, but for the sake of my feet, i know i need to do something. my friend recommended clarks, which she said were comfortable, and even cute.

so, off i went during my lunch hour. i think i may have tried on every single pair of shoes in the store to find the most comfortable, non-geriatric looking pair! and alas, i found not one, but three!

Bronze Colored Slingbacks
Black Sneaker Flats
Tan Casual Sneakers

both of the sneakers are actually a brand called privo, which they sell at clarks. in my opinion, all of the privo stuff is super cute and comfy, although some were more supportive than others.

the sandals above are not necessarily what may have been my first pick, but i was basing this mainly on comfort, with style coming in second. still, i wouldn't pick anything totally hideous, and these are still pretty cute. luckily, they were also having a sale! these comfy shoes can be a bit pricey, but i guess it's worth the investment to have good shoes and protect my feet.

other brands that were recommended to me were:

if you have any other recommendations, let me know!

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